Logic at the Intersection of Algebra, Categories, and Topology


Afrique du Sud




Recent years have witnessed the emergence of powerful semantic tools for non-classical logics. These semantic methods draw from web of mathematical formalisms at the intersection of ordered and universal algebra, topology, and category theory, and together provide a flexible and unifying framework for the study of logic across a host of domains. LIACT serves as a broad introduction to this dynamic and quickly growing area of modern mathematical research, and places particular emphasis on this area's deep interactions with/and applications to computer science.

Langue officielle de l'école : anglais.

Coordinateurs administratifs et scientifiques

Willem Conradie (University of the Witwatersrand,
Afrique du Sud
, )
Daniel Wesley Fussner (University of Bern,
, )

Programme scientifique

Cours 1: "Introduction to Regular Languages", Amina Doumane (ENS Lyon, Frane)

Cours 2: "Automated Deduction and Algebra", Michael Kinyon (University of Denver, USA)

Cours 3: "Adjoint Functors", Zurab Janelidze (Stellenbosch University, Afrique du Sud)

Cours 4: "Continuous Functions", Amartya Goswami (University of Johannesburg, Afrique du Sud)

Cours 5: "Universal Algebra for Algebraic Logic", Peter Jipsen (Chapman University, USA)

Cours 6: "Logic: (non) Classical Models of Reasoning", Marta Bilkova (Intitute of Computer Science, République tchèque)

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