Call for applications for the Lie-Størmer-CIMPA fellowship programme


The Lie-Størmer Center in partnership with CIMPA

The Lie-Størmer Center and CIMPA are joining forces to offer an exceptional opportunity to young researchers in mathematics from developing countries! Located at the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø, the Lie-Størmer Center is a newly established research center with a research focus on fundamental structures in pure and computational mathematics.


Programme details from September to October 2024:

  • Part I: "Symmetries in Computations".

- Online course led by Hans Munthe-Kaas (University of Bergen, Norway) and Cordian Riener (UiT The Arctic University of Norway). Hans Munthe-Kaas is an expert in computational mathematics, as well as in Lie theory and differential geometry. Cordian Riener specializes in real-algebraic geometry, focusing on the algorithmic aspects of symmetries, with connections also to computational complexity theory.

- Abstract : The study of symmetry as a structural property of algebraic structures is one of the fundamental pillars of the developments of modern mathematics, most prominently beginning with the work of  Abel and Galois. In the language of algebra, symmetry is the invariance of an object or a property by some action of a group. Through the language of representation theory we will approach in this course how the presence of symmetries can lead to a possible reduction of  algorithmic complexity in computational methods and their implementation.

- Live and recorded question and answer sessions.

  • Part Two: Research activities at the Lie-Størmer Center

- One month of group activities to delve deeper into the concepts covered online.


Financial Support:

The Lie-Størmer Center and CIMPA will support the online participation of around ten individuals, among whom 2 laureates will be selected to travel to Norway for a 1-month research stay.

This financial support will include:

  • 200 euros for internet connection.
  • Up to 1500 euros for airfare and visa.
  • Accommodation for the entire stay is covered, and the laureate will receive 1000 euros for meals and miscellaneous expenses.


Admission Criteria:

  • Young mathematicians (aged 36 or below, or having obtained their last university degree within the past 5 years) based in a developing country (IMU list).


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How to Apply?

Candidates must apply on the page:

Applications must be submitted before June 1, 2024.